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ROC Return filing for OPC

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Annual Compliance for One Person Company

Being compliant to the rules that have been setup by the companies act is important for you if you want to make sure that your standing as a One Person company is a good one. To that end, you need to file some compliance on an annual basis.

If you are not compliant, not only our company will lose a legal standing, it will also be penalized. These penalties are of varying nature. While you might want to defer the compliances because of the initial laxed-nature of the penalties, as time goes by and if you are still not compliant, the intensity of the penalties will increase.

OPC Annual Filing Documents

The documents required for the annual compliance are as follows:

The Pan card of the directors of the company.
The identity proof of the directors of the company.
The memorandum of association
The articles of Association.

Benefits of OPC Annual Compliance

There are many benefits to stay compliant and they are as follows:

More compliant equates to more trustworthy: if you are following through with the compliances each year, you gather more trust in the eyes of the people. At the end o the day, customer trust is what pushed the company forward.
You are not going to be penalized: even the initial non-compliance can incur you heavy penalties. To that end, you won’t have to suffer penalties if you are compliant.
You can run your operation smoothly: There is nothing worse for a one person company than being nagged by the government. This hassle is often the cause of many operations to be halted from time to time. To that end, stay compliant to make sure that you always move forward with your operations in the best way possible.

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INR 17,999 /-
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