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FCRA Registration in India

Sometimes taxes tend to deter a lot of foreign national to apply for donations. To that end, you need to provide them with some incentives, and assuring them that their donations would be completely provided to you and not most of that is directed towards the taxes. For this very reason, the FCRA registration comes into picture.

The purpose of FCRA is to regulate the foreign money and foreign hospitality to various NGOs. This form of registration is a necessity if you are opting to get money from foreign institutes and foreign nationals. The FCRA regulates the fact that the domestic political scenario is not affected by the foreign donations.

Eligibility for FCRA Registration

  1. The NGO’s income and assets should be exclusively dedicated towards charity.
  2. Proper books for the NGOs should be maintained.
  3. The NGO should not have been formed to benefit a particular community, religion or a caste.
  4. The core objective of that NGO should be for charitable purposes. Furthermore, the entire income should be from the donations themselves.
  5. The Ngo should have been in operation for about 3 years before opting for FCRA registration.

Documents Required for FCRA Registration

The documents required for FCRA are following:

  1. A copy of the PAN card of the NGO
  2. Certified copy of the trust Deed/ MOU
  3. Balanced sheet of the past 3 years. The balanced sheets should be audited.
  4. Details pertaining to the current and past management of the trust.
  5. Copy of resolutions that is passed by the governing body of the NGO.
  6. Undertaking copy that is signed by the chief functionary of the NGO.
  7.  80G and 12A certificates that are issues by the governmental authorities.


Private Limited Company

INR 7,999/-

One Person Company

INR 6,999/-

FSSAI Registration

INR 4,999/-

Section 8 Company

INR 29,999/-

Trademark Registration

INR 6,499/-

Trademark Objection

INR 2,999/-

Trademark Renewal

INR 1,999/-

Trademark Restoration

INR 2,000/-

Annual Compliances for Private Limited Company

INR 19,999/-

LLP Annual Compliance

INR 9,999/-

ROC Annual Filing

INR 19,999/-

Change in Name of the Entity

INR 4,999/-

Change of Place of the Company

INR 2,499/-

Increase in Authorized Capital of Company

INR 4,999/-

Change of Director or Partner


ISO Registration

INR 19,999/-

Import Export Code Registration

INR 3,999/-

Import Export Code Registration

INR 3,999/-

DOT OSP Registration

INR 29,999/-


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